Committee  2014 - 2015
President -                           
Mark Aylward            
Secretary -                           Katherine Sullivan
Treasurer -                          Greg Lawrence
Public Officer -                     Katherine Sullivan
Committee person -           
Roger McFarlane
                                               Helen Stronach
                                               Warrick Timmins
-             Gary Boote

Meet the committee

Roger McFarlane: BFA

Roger was born in 1948 at Newcastle New South Wales Australia. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Newcastle.

Roger has had a fascination for stone sculpture all of his life .He works on a variety of sizes from 30cm to 300cm. His studio is equipped to work in stone and welded steel. Roger also has a small bronze foundry which allows him to cast up to 50 kg.  Roger says enjoys the process and the challenge of creating an art work from strong materials. He has been fortunate to be invited to create public sculptures in Australia, South Korea, China, Brazil and Switzerland. Roger has also been a sculpture judge in Newcastle and Sydney

Mark Aylward

Mark is a full time sculptor after 25 years in sheet metal, refrigeration/air conditioning and industrial mechanical services. From 2000 he worked for 5 years with his partner in her Architectural practice which Mark loved. This time gave him a greater insight into design, textures, space and colour. From 2005 Mark was a full time maker of commissioned studio furniture and art pieces. Studying vastly different styles and philosophies while travelling  overseas, encouraging him to explore many techniques in both metal and wood. Mark's work now is mostly a mixture of solid wood, metals and found materials.  

Katherine Sullivan. M Fine Art [R]

For a number of years, Katherine has been very proactive in the arts, by exhibiting, curating, organising festival events, being on community arts organisations and council committees, running workshops for children, youth and adults.  As a casual academic Katherine taught sculpture at the University of Newcastle. In her work Katherine explores narrative as well as a variety of materials and techniques.

Helen Stronach

Warrick Timmins

My style has morphed slowly but it still encompasses human nature and experiences with the interaction of lines, curves and space. For me there is interest in a line, there is drama in a sharp edge and movement in a series of gentle curves. Voids allow the viewer to use their imagination filling them with their own experiences.

The sculptures range from figurative abstract to aesthetic abstraction.

I believe my body of work is successful when the viewer relates to my sculptures with feelings of peace and contentment.

Gary Boote     

Gary works in his home studio backing onto a bushland reserve, with bell-birds tinkling in the background. He discovered his passion for Sculpture in his early 50s and has had many successful exhibitions in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Sydney over the past decade.  Gary has not confined himself to any one medium, but stone sculpture is his preference.

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